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Completed projects are based on the founder's past projects as an entrepreneur. 
Sagi Doron as a real estate entrepreneur had focused in Israel on 2 areas of activity:

  1. Entrepreneurship and urban renewal in the Haifa area  - where the new Haifa port will have a huge impact on the city. 

  2. Entrepreneurship and urban renewal throughout the Dan area  - Constitutes  Continuation of the activity in which Sagi Doron began through the establishment of a strengthening and construction company  (from 9/2013,  Doron is not part of the company).  

Rashi 30 - Tel Aviv 

The project is located at 30 Rashi Street, Tel Aviv.

A 6-story boutique building in the heart of Tel Aviv, the building has a high level of finish that includes designed and unique finishing details.

The building has a semi-automatic, underground parking facility that utilizes the constraints of the lot in an optimal way.

The project was completed in February 2014.  

Diana Hotel Haifa

The project is located in Downtown Center of the City of Haifa, the true heart of cultural, nightlife and shopping district of the city. The apartments are an architectural masterpiece – the building was built in the beginning of the 20th century and recently has been renovated in a manner that combines a landmark heritage building with graceful, contemporary design.

The building has undergone a massive upgrade, strengthening against earthquakes,  3 floors were added.

All the building's infrastructure has been replaced and its interior design includes common areas that include an accessible and tiled roof with a spectacular view, a tenants' club and a laundry room inside the building. 

The building has a fast and spacious elevator with accessibility from the basement to the roof floor.

The apartments are architecturally designed, furnished and equipped to a high standard.


The building has a total of 6 floors, including the inside  90 apartments of various sizes designed on a wide commercial front.

For the Diana Hotel website click here

Entrepreneurship and urban renewal

Urban renewal projects were carried out through a Strengthening and construction company established by Sagi Doron and Shachar Raz. Since 10/2013, Sagi has left the company.

More about the activity can be learned on the company's website:

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